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Logging Probe Series

Logging Probe Series
Logging Probe Series

Large Image :  Logging Probe Series

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: gold
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: Logging Probe Series
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: 1-10/set
Packaging Details: wooden cases
Delivery Time: as your request
Payment Terms: T/T L/D western union
Supply Ability: 200sets/month
Detailed Product Description
High Light:

Logging Probe Series


Logging Probe Series


Logging Probe Series

M552 Combined sidewall probe
Have a good performance of stratum Lithology acquisition, strata division, resistivity, porosity and volume density determination so that makes it a incompensible part of the series probes. It can valuate the radiate minerals content such as K and U, tell radiate minerals from non-radiate ones and also can serves as part of other methods.
Measured parameters: double-spaced compensated density (DsCD), Natural Gamma, Three directionlaterolog, Caliper and spontaneous potential
Data transmitter: 8-bit serial outputLogging Probe Series 0
Work environment: -10℃ to 70℃
Dimensions:Ф50×2950mm (divided to two segments)
Probe weight: ≤28 Kg,
Pressurization: less than 20Mpa
DsCD (double-spaced compensate density log)
The source is based on oriented-emitting, and explorer uses long- or short-spaced oriented receiver which is wall-sticking can reduce affect borehole type to the density measurement.
Work source strength: 100mCi137Cs radioisotopes.
Short spacing: 200mm, Long spacing: 350mm
Glimmers body: Nal(T1), Ф23×40mm
Photomultiplier Tube: GDB23
Counting range: 0 to 32000cps
Measurement density range: 1 to 4g/cm3
Measurement relative error: 5%
Stability: work a continual 4-hour (5μCi or C s137 source), and the output changes less than 5%
Natural Gamma logging
Glimmers body: NaI(T1), Φ23×60mm
Photomultiplier Tube: GDB23
Measurement range: > 30Kev γ-rays
Counting range: 0 to 32000cps
Stability: be able to work a continual 4-hour, and the output change no more than 3.5%(an average of 100 data set).
Trace-interval disturbance: Values the source-loaded traces can disturb the natural ones are no more than 0.5%.
Three-lateral Resistivity laterolog
Range of measurement: 0 to 2kΩ
Scaling accuracy error: <5%
Stability: can work a continual 4-hour, and its output changes no more than 5%.
Main electrode length: 25mm, electrodes full length is 455mm
Caliper logging
phole device controls the downhole probe, make it instantly fold or unfold the legs.
Measurement range: φ50mm to φ300mm
Measure sensitivity: 0.5mm
Scale accuracy error: <3%
Spontaneous potential
Measuring range: -2V to +2V
Measuring accuracy: ±2.5 mv
JCS-1/SJSC-1 Digital inclination probe
Vertex angle range: 0 to 60°Logging Probe Series 1
Vertex angle accuracy: ≤0.1°
Azimuth range: 0 to 360°
Azimuth accuracy: if 2°< vertex angle≤3°,±4°; and if vertex angle > 3°, ±2°.
Work temperature: 0 to 80℃
Dimensions: Φ45×1200mm
Weight: ≤ 4Kg (weight-gained bar is 5Kg)
6.36 KG (3000 meters)
Pressurization: ≤ 20Mpa, ≤ 30Mpa (3000m)
Main performance: an axis-oriented system of point-by-point or continual measuring, digital output, easy to use and reliability.
S524/SS524 Acoustic wave probe
It is a non-oriented measurement of single-source double-receiver.Determination including lithology, strata porosity, gas-contained strata, and fault detection. Make use of any other log resources, can ascertain the degree of moisture content of strata, and if execute the acoustic logging, we may check out the cement glue quality of borehole tube.
Measurement range: 125 to 555μs/m
Receiving nearby: 0 to 833.3312μs/M
Source intervals: 106ms
Source wave frequency: 20KHz±5KHz
Scale accuracy: ±5μs/M
Source spacing: 0.5M to 0.7M
Spacing : 0.2M
Transmission mode: 8-bit digital data
Environment temperature: -10℃ to 70℃
Dimensions: φ50×2240mm, φ55×1861mm (3000m)
Pressurization: ≤ 20Mpa, ≤ 30Mpa (3000m)
Weight: 11.2kg, 13kg (3000m)
Logging Probe Series 2
M433/SM433 Double-density probe
Source intensity: 30mCi137Cs radioisotopes,Long/short-spaced natural gamma probes are all be used.
Scintillating material: Nal(T1), Φ23×60m
Photomultiplier Tube: GDB23
Count range: 0 to 32000cps
Long spacing: between 400 to 500mm adjustable.
Short spacing: between 250 to 350mm adjustable
Density measuring range: 1 to 4g/cm3
Natural gamma measuring range: 1 to 10000API
Dimensions: Φ45×1750mm,Φ50×1804mm(3000m)
Pressurization:≤ 20Mpa, ≤ 30Mpa (3000m)
Digital transmitter: 8-bit serial outputWeight: 8.4kg, 10.7 kg(3000m)
Logging Probe Series 3
It is specially apply for exploring the dry borehole. The method that compensated density can divide the strata, determine the porosity of rock and density of volume. Naturalγis applied to identify lithology, locate the strata, estimate the sludge content, tell the rock strata from the shale one. Evaluate the radiate minerals that have a content of potash, anhydrite or U, and find out the non-radiate minerals such as salty rock, non-water gypsum and so on.
W422/SW422 Temperature and liquid resistivity combined probe

Measuring range: -10℃ to 100℃
Measurement sensitivity: ≤0.05℃
Temperature-sensing time: ≤1s
Temp-measuring derivation: ≤5%
Dimensions: φ40×1330mm,φ50×1230mm (3000m)
Pressurization: ≤ 20Mpa, ≤ 30Mpa (3000m)
Weight: 6.7kg, 7.8kg

Stability: the output changes of no more than 3% for 4 hours of continuous operation under the same
locate the aquifer bed or thermal spring in the geothermal survey; search for petroleum and gases
X411/SX411 Three-lateral direction resistivity laterolog probe
Measuring range: 0 to 10KΩm
Output signal: 0 to 9V DC
Work temperature : -10℃ to 60℃
,ф50×1416mm(3000m)Pressurization: ≤ 20Mpa, ≤ 30Mpa (3000m)
Weight: 6.6kg,7.2kg (3000m)
Logging Probe Series 4
Application: determines the resistivity of rock strata.
H411/SH411 Magnetic susceptibility probe
Measuring range: 1 to 10000×10-4 SI
Output signal: 0 to 9V DC voltage
Scale accuracy: ≤5%
Stability error: ≤10%
Work temperature: -10℃ to 60℃
Dimensions: φ45×1200mm,φ48.5×1377mm(3000m)
Pressurization: ≤ 20Mpa, ≤ 30Mpa (3000m)
Weight: 5.6 kg; 6.9kg (3000m)
Application: seeking for magnetic iron ores
J411/SJ411 Caliper probe
Measuring range: 40mm to 300mm
Output signals: 0 to 9V DC voltage
Sensitivity: 1mm
Work temperature: -10℃ to 60℃
Dimensions: φ40×1320mm,φ50×1324mm(3000m)
Pressurization:≤ 20Mpa, ≤ 30Mpa (3000m)
Weight; 6.6kg,7.2kg (3000m)
Logging Probe Series 5
Applications: check the integrity of well and provide additional information to help.
J511/SJ511 Big-hole caliper probe
Measuring range: 75mm to 700mm
Output signal: 0 to 9V DC voltage
Sensitivity: 2 mm
Dimensions: φ40×1620mm,φ50×1324mm(3000m)
Pressurization:≤ 20Mpa, ≤ 30Mpa (3000m)
Weight: 6.5kg, 7.2kg (3000m)
Logging Probe Series 6
Application: used for big-bore logging
NP442 Multi-channel spectrum probe
Measuring range: 0.3Mev to 3Mev full differential spectrum
Resolution: standard-source C137s(0.66Mev) ≤15%
Time count range: 4″,12″,20″,28″,36 by manual
Integrated nonlinear: ≤2%
Differential nonlinear: ≤±5%
Dead time: < 50μs
Stable spectrum source: 133Ba, 5μCi
Pressurization: less than 20Mpa
Dimensions: Main probe: φ45×1330mm, Probe 1st: φ40×800mm,Probe 2nd: φ65×800mm
Stability: the biggest error is less than 5%, which the average value of each data set comparing with the total average.
Application: in research of uranium ore, divide the strata, and tell the oil stratum from the water zone.
Z422/SZ422 Neutron combined probe
Measuring parameters: N-N, natural gamma
Neutron activated source: 241Am-9Be, 1Ci
Counting range: 0 to 10000cps
Proportional counter : 39He
Natural gamma:
Scintillating material: Nal(T1), Φ23×60m
Photomultiplier tube type: GDB23
Measuring range: >30Kev gamma ray
Counting range: 0 to 32000cps
Work temperature:-10℃ to +60℃
Dimensions: φ45×2050mm,φ50×2000mm (3000m)
≤ 20Mpa, ≤ 30Mpa (3000m)
Weight: 7.8kg, 8.6kg (3000m)
Logging Probe Series 7
R411/SR411 Natural gamma probe
Measurement parameter: nature gamma
Dimensions: ф40mm×870mm;ф45mm×870mm (3000m)
Pressurization: ≤ 20Mpa
Digital transmission: 8 bits serial output
Operating temperature: 0℃ to +60 ℃
Weight: 5.7 kg; 6.8 kg (3000m)
Range: more than 30Kev
Scintillator: NaI(Tl)、φ23×60mm
Photomuitplier: GDB23
Counting range: 0 to 32000 cps
Logging Probe Series 8

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