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Low Pressure 99.6% Air Separation Plant Oxygen Generating Machine 250m³/h

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Low Pressure 99.6% Air Separation Plant Oxygen Generating Machine 250m³/h

Low Pressure 99.6% Air Separation Plant Oxygen Generating Machine 250m³/h
Low Pressure 99.6% Air Separation Plant Oxygen Generating Machine 250m³/h Low Pressure 99.6% Air Separation Plant Oxygen Generating Machine 250m³/h Low Pressure 99.6% Air Separation Plant Oxygen Generating Machine 250m³/h

Large Image :  Low Pressure 99.6% Air Separation Plant Oxygen Generating Machine 250m³/h

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO9001;2008 CE cetificate
Model Number: KDON-250/500
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in standard export packing
Delivery Time: 60working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Supply Ability: 100sets month
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Oxygen Plant Application: Separate Oxygen From Air
Oxygen Output: 250 +-5% Cube Meter Per Hour Feature: Long Service Life Low Energy Consumption
Standard: ISO9001;2008 CE Cetificate Purity: 99.6%
CO2: <350ppm SO2: <0.44mg/m3
High Light:

air separation unit


Cryogenic Air Separation Plant


99.6% Air Separation Plant FON- 250-500 Industrial Oxygen Plant With Low Energy Consumption



1.1  Design basic conditions
Atmosphere pressure                                                0.1013Mpa (A)
Atmosphere tempt.                                                  30℃
Relative humidity                                                      80%
O2 contained in air                                                  20.95% O2

1.2   Cooling water

Feeding water:Tempt.                      30℃)

Pressure                        0.45MPa(G)

PH value                                     7~8

Fouling factor                                      0.0004m2 ℃.h/Kcal

Total hardness                                                                100mg/L

Turbidity                                                                       10~30mg/L

1.3  Earth quake:                           <6 degree

1.4  Sea level:                          50m

1.5  Impurity in atmosphere

CO2                                  ≤350 ppm
SO2                                                                    ≤0.44 mg/m3
H2S                                  ≤2.3 mg/m3
CH4                                  ≤5.2mg/m3
C2H2                                 ≤0.03 ppm
CnHm(excluding C2H2)                ≤5 ppm
Dust content                        ≤10mg/m3

1.5  Power supply
Low voltage                                          380V/220V±5%

Frequency                      50±0.5Hz

    Loaded power                                                        ~220KW(Name plate power, not incl. O2 compressor)


2.  Main technical performance parameters

2.1 Product output,purity , pressure

O2 output                             250m3/h±5%

O2 purity                             ≥99.6%O2

O2 pressure                           ~0.034MPa(G)

N2 output                             500m3/h±5%

N2 purity                             ≤10ppmO2

N2 pressure                           ~0.012 MPa(G)

Product quantity status(at 0℃,101.325Kpa)

2.2 Start pressure                        0.65MPa(G)

2.3 Plant operation period(between two defrosting times)    12 months

2.4 Start time                            ~24 hours

2.5 Specific power                        ~0.65kWh/m3O2(not incl.

O2 compressor)

3.Pocess description:

KDON-250/500 air separation plant is of low pressure process.

Raw air comes from air, goes through air filter for removal of dust and other mechanical particle and enters non-lub air compressor to be compressed by two stage compressor to approx. 0.65MPa(g).It goes through cooler and enters precooling unit to be cooled to 5~10℃. Then it goes to switch-over MS purifier for removal of moisture, CO2, carbon hydrogen.  Purifier consists of two molecular sieve filled vessels. One is in use while anther is under regeneration by waste nitrogen from the cold box and through heater heating.

After purified, small part of it is used as bearing gas for turbine expander, other enters cold box to be cooled by reflux(pure oxygen, pure nitrogen and waste nitrogen) in main heat exchanger. Part of air is abstracted from the middle part of main heat exchanger and goes to expansion turbine for production of cold. Most of expanded air goes through subcooler which is cooled by oxygen from upper column to be delivered to upper column. Small part of it goes through bypass to waste nitrogen pipe directly and is reheated to go out of the cold box. The other part of air continues to be cooled to near liquid air tempt to lower column.

In lower column air,air is separated and liquefied as liquid nitrogen and liquid air. Part of liquid nitrogen is abstracted from the top of the lower column. Liquid air after subcooled and throttled is delivered to the middle part of upper column as reflux.

Product oxygen is abstracted from the lower part of upper column and reheated by expanded air subcooler, main heat exchange. Then it is delivered out of column. Waste nitrogen is abstracted from the upper part of upper column and is reheated in subcooler and main heat exchanger to go out of column. Part of it is used as regeneration gas for MS purifier. Pure nitrogen is abstracted from the top of the upper column and is reheated in liquid air , liquid nitrogen subcooler and main heat exchanger to be delivered out of the column.

Oxygen out of the distillation column is compressed to customer.

4. Scope of supply:

4.1,Air compressor(reciprocating non-lub. ) 1 set

     Manufactory                     Liuzhou

Type                                 VW-22/6.5

Discharge capacity                   22m3/min

Discharge pressure                      0.65MPa(G)

Motor power                            120kW

Cooling water consumption                ~5t/h

Cooling water tempt.                     ≤30℃

Cooling water pressure                   ≥0.3MPa

Scope of supply:

4.1.1 Motor                          1set

4.1.2 Compressor body                   1set

4.1.3 Control panel                  1set

4.1.4 Spare parts with machine       1set

4.1.5 End stage cooler               1set

4.2,Air compressor(reciprocating non-lub. ) 1 set

     Manufactory                     Liuzhou

Type                                 ZW-6/7

Discharge capacity                   6m3/min

Discharge pressure                      0.7MPa(G)

Motor power                            37kW

Cooling water consumption                ~2t/h

Cooling water tempt.                     ≤30℃

Cooling water pressure                   ≥0.3MPa

Scope of supply:

4.2.1Motor                           1set

4.2.2 Compressor body                 1set

4.2.3 Control panel                  1set

4.2.4 Spare parts with machine       1set

4.2.5 End stage cooler               1set

4.3,Air buffer                Pc

      Volume                              2m3

  Working pressure                      0.8MPa

4.4,Air precooling unit       1 Group

    Manufacturer                   Hangzhou

Type                                 GAYL-1680/8

Process air                             1680m3/h

Inlet pressure                           ≤0.8MPa(G)

Air inlet tempt.                          ≤40℃

Air outlet tempt.                              ~8℃

Motor power                          ~15kW

Recycling tempt. inlet  pressure            ≥0.3MPa

Recycling tempt. inlet tempt.               ≤30℃

Recycling water capacity                  ~10t/h

Scope of supply:

4.4.1 Inlet refrigeration compressor         1set

4.4.2 Condenser                          1set

4.4.3 Evaporator                          1set

4.4.4 Pipe valves                       1set

4.4.5 Refrigeration auto control element    1set

4.4.6 Electric control board              1set

4.4.7 Operation instrument panel          1set

4.4.8 Water separator                1set

4.4.9 Liquid level warning device    1set

Note:All above assembled as one unit.


4.5,MS purification system            1 set

  Type                                  HXK-1680/8

  Process capacity                        1680m3/h

  Working pressure                        0.8MPa

  Air inlet tempt.                          12℃

  Absorbing time                          8h

  Regenerating gas inlet tempt.         250℃

  Regenerating gas outlet tempt.        100℃

Heater power                          36kW

Scope of supply:

4.5.1 MS absorbent column(containing MS)   2sets

4.5.2 Heater                                                              1set

4.5.3 Filter                                                               1pc

4.5.4 Pipe and valve                    1set

Note:Above skid-mounted

4.6,Rectification column                                            1set

Manufacturer                                                             Kaide

    Model                                FON-250/500

   Type                                 Two stage rectification column

   Process air                          1500m3/h

   O2 output                            250m3/h±5%

  O2 purity                             ≥99.6%O2

N2 output                            500m3/h±5%

   N2 purity                            ≤10PPmO2

   Dim.                                 2200×2300×16000mm

Scope of supply:

  4.6.1 Main heat exchanger                                       1set

4.6.2 Subcooler                                                        2set

4.6.3 Condenser-evaporator                                     1set

4.6.4 Distillation column                1set

   4.6.5 Cold box                           1set

4.7,Expansion turbine         1 group/2 sets

   Type                                 PLPK-7/6.4-0.5

  Flow rate                             420m3/h

Inlet tempt                             150K

 Inlet pressure/outlet pressure       ~0.74MPa(A)/0.15MPa(A)

  Working medium                        air

Brake method                         Fan brake

Insulation efficiency                 ≥72%

Scope of supply:

 4.7.1 Expansion turbine body                    2sets

 4.7.2 Expansion extending knob                  4ps

4.7.3 Expander inlet filter                      2ps

 Note:With distillation column as one body

4.8 O2 compressor ( 55 kw)

Type ZW-3.35/165 O2 compressor,       :1 set

Manufacturer                       Hangzhou   

       Non-lub. piston O2 compressor

    Discharge capacity                   200M3/h

    Discharge pressure                    165kg

Weight :                             5.5tons

4.9 O2 compressor: 1 set of distillation water lub. O2 compressors

      Capacity                        100M3/h

Manufacturer                           Hangzhou

4.10 Filling ramp                          : 1 set

   connectors    12x2=24 connectors

4.11. Balloon  100M3                              : 1set



5. Instrument and electric control system

5.1Description for instrument and electric design

KDON-250/500 plant electric and instrument control is of local panel control.

5.2. Air compressor has one electric control panel and control face,  pressure and tempt. indication, warning and operation buttons are provided on the operation desk.

5.3. Purifier has purifier board and one heater power resource switch gear.

5.4. Instrument board for distillation column.

5.4. Instrument for expansion turbine.

5.5. Tempt., flow rate, liquid level are digital-displayed in meters.

  1. Scope of supply by the buyer
    1. Connection valves, pipes (incl. flanges, bolts, nuts, washer, gaskets and accessories), necessary pipe support, valves, valves support, insulation material, packing steel belt, etc. between each unit(machine).
    2.  Air suction part (buyer should ensure the air quality for the oxygen plant.

6.3 Measuring pipe, pipes support, cable and wire, pipes for each single unit and equipment and accessories for sealing gas system.

6.4 Anti-lightning device, earthing device for outside of the rectification column and vessels.

6.5  Engineering design for the workshop, including all civil work for , incl. light, utility engineering, workshop foundation sanitation, water supply and drainage, communication, indoor air conditioning, fire control, heating device as well as lifting device inside workshop., hoisting facility, etc.

HV power supply panel, voltage drop starter (if needed) , etc distribution equipment.

  1. All measuring meters pipe line, pipe support, cable(low tempt. cable in the cold box not included.), all pipe line and accessories in seal gas system.
  2. Engineering design for the workshop, including all civil work for , incl. light, utility engineering, workshop foundation sanitation, water supply and drainage, communication, indoor air conditioning, fire control, heating device as well as lifting device inside workshop., hoisting facility, etc. Cranes for workshop.
  3. Cooling tower, water pump, pipe, valves and accessories, etc. for the water cooling system.

6.10 Coating and paint for final painting of the plant.

6.11 Material and oil for operation of the plant.

6.12 N2 analyzer


CO2 <350ppm
SO2 <0.44mg/m3
H2S <2.3mg/m3
CH4 <5.2mg/m3
C2H2 <0.03ppm
Dust content <10mg/m3
PH 7.2
Total hardness 2.5



KDON - 250/500 oxygen plant



Low Pressure 99.6% Air Separation Plant Oxygen Generating Machine 250m³/h 0



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